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What the?!

Well done, you have made it this far which means you have either:

a. Willingly looked for this site.

b. Wanted to read about my views on life and family.


C. You were googling something else involving bald men and stumbled across my site by accident.

So here you are, and here I am.  This is my take on the world and my family.  I have three kids, two dogs and one wife and I regularly share my views on being a father/parent and general peacekeeper.

You won’t find any politics or religion on here and as one of my good friends said “This is a perfect read for when you are having a poo”.

Off you go, have fun, giggles and occasionally a cry exploring my blogs and pages. You can also stay in touch with me on twitter, Facebook and Instagram where you will find me regularly sharing updates and giving little views into my crazy and humorous world.

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This is no2’s idea of heaven. Pancakes and fruit. Any ideas on how long it took him to demolish this adult size portion?.........about 4.5 minutes before he had an extra pancake and fruit! 🤣🤣🤣

Saturday blog writing with this cutie! What more motivation do I need?

Twitter Feed

Loving the new pink monster slippers for no3. Wonder if they do them in a size 10?🤔 @Matalan #slippers #fashiont.co/ja3ClLYu9j

Can’t believe I’m in the dog house for failing to notice that my wife had been for a haircut today and had all of 1 inch taken off.

What’s happening Twitter? I’ll tell you what’s happening, Im 35 and leaving free chips so I can lose a bit of extra… t.co/KrqJGCCWa5