Daddies slow cooked BBQ beef – Feeds 6

If you want to impress the pants off someone or are simply a larger than medically should be porker, then this is for you.  Dead simple and just involves a bit of time, love and care….a bit like a Saturday night with your other half after a few beers and Ant & Dec on the telly.  Put the ground work in and you will be rewarded by at least 17 minutes of joy (which is the UK average for love making/bumping dirty bits by the way).


1 X Slow Roast Rib of Beef (Again from the brilliant butchers at Darts Farm!)

1 X Bottles/jar of bbq sauce

1 x BBQ rub (I use my own one involving coffee and spices but you can get any one from the local supermarket).

Stage 1

Get a big roasting pan and stick your beef in. Using the rub make you sure you massage your meat well.  Don’t treat it like your first fumble at school where you nearly caused internal injury, no, you have to rub it gently like the shoulders of the partner you are about to try and scuttle.  Make sure the meat opens up to your loving touch as you want every piece of flavour to be absorbed.  Empty half a bottle of BBQ sauce over the meat use a pastry brush to coat the meat thoroughly both sides.  Leave no surface untouched.

Stage 2.

Put it in the oven, 120c for 2 hours, then flip it over and give it another 2 hours making sure that both sides have the same amount of time. You don’t need to put any liquid in with the beef as it has a natural ribbon of fat running through it which will break down and cause the undersurface to become lovely and tasty. After the 4 hour mark, stick some tin foil over this bad boy and up the temperature to 160c for 1 hour.  Take it out and here is what you will have…unless you’ve cocked it up. The top should have a nice bit of dark charring on, this is perfectly normal and underneath this will be the most succulent meat you have ever had in your mouth.

Stage 3.

Empty the fat out of the bottom of the pan, unless you want to check yourself into the local A&E now.  Make sure that you leave the brown gunk in the bottom of the pan as this is the tasty stuff.  Put the meat back in the pan and using 2 forks simply shred the meat, it won’t take much to do and the meat should be lovely and pink but not rare.  Empty the rest of the bottle of BBQ sauce onto the shredded beef and then fill the empty bottle half full of water, put the lid on and give it a shake (or leave the lid off and spend 20 minutes cleaning yourself and the kitchen up).  Then just mix it all up.

Stage 4

Serve it up! Get this meat in your belly as quick as you possibly can. Breathing is not your friend here, you want to skip that to shovel as much of this as possible into your pie hole. I serve mine as below with a homemade citrus chilli slaw in brioche buns.  Load up the gherkins, pickles and Sauerkraut and team them with some french fries and mayo.

Wash it down with a cold cider or a beer and then thank me later, with some money or nudes….either one will do!

The End

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