Getting used to dad fashion

Lets start this off by saying that I am not trying to pitch myself as a fashion blogger here, but it has to be said that when you are a dad and have children there will be a time when you have to stop wearing the fashionable clothes like you did in your early years along with the fashionable haircuts. There is a point when you have to accept that you are getting on a bit and nobody thinks you look like the sweet faced MoFo you used to be anymore.

I am by no means a fashion icon. My standard non working dress is jeans, converse and either a hoodie or a jumper which is an outfit choice that is both practical and semi fashionable and I accept that nobody will look twice at me walking down the street.  I am happy with this as whilst I don’t want to look like a bag of shit, I also don’t want to look like I am having a crisis.  Below are some of the things that I have ditched since becoming a dad.

Low cut V neck t-shirts.

Lets be honest, nobody wants to look at my man boobs hanging down every time I bend over.  You have to be really well toned to pull these tops off and whilst I could spend the time and effort in achieving this look when I was younger, now I no longer have the time, money or sheer willpower to go down the gym and I have gotten used to my “dad bod”.

Skinny Jeans.

At one time I used to have a 32 inch waist…ONE TIME LONG AGO.  Skinny jeans were dead easy to get on and I liked the way they fitted snugly around my appendage.  Fast forward 5 years and I look like a man having a crisis as soon as I even look at these.  My belly whilst not overly large, appears to grow in size when I try to get these on and just ends up hanging over the top creating a huge muffin top.  Regular cut jeans and 2 sizes larger for me now!

Muscle Tops & Slim Fit Shirts.

Similar to the low cut V neck t-shirts I simply don’t have the physique to force my way into one of these tops, in fact last time I tried I nearly took No1 childs eye out when the buttons popped open.  You can pull off this look when you are 25 but not 35.  Now I buy extra large and make sure that they are not too tight on my bingo wings.

Regular trips to the barber

For those that haven’t already twigged, I am bald.  My baldness is natural all though I do shave my head.  The reasons being are entirely personal, I just like the smooth feel! Not really (although it is a plus), it is because my hair line has receded so much that when I do grow it, there is a huge chance that I will look like a white Mr T.  My hair also grows incredibly slowly and I thought that I may as well embrace the look rather than fight it.  Everyday I see men who are blatantly balding going for the peaky blinders style comb over or another on trend haircut.  Don’t bother, you look like a man having a crisis and everyone will be looking for your little red sports car.

Pointy shoes.

I don’t know the proper name for these shoes but they are generally found on the feet of the man wearing the skinny jeans.  I used to look cool wearing these but then I also remember the lack of grip and comfort that they used to offer.  Now I opt for a comfy pair of converse or a boot of some kind.  I basically have 3 types of footwear plus my comfy wool lined slippers!

Tracksuit anything

Never, ever ever will I look good in anything related to a tracksuit.  First of all I take the stance of if I am having to buy a tracksuit top in XL then I am probably not going to be the demographic that the sports company was aiming for. Secondly I just look like a tool, I look like a fat sausage squeezed into a piece of clothing that is clearing designed for people who don’t look like someone who sends shivers down the spine of the owner when they enter the local Chinese all you can eat.

To summarise, if you are a dad or really a man over 30, you have to accept that you are no longer the dedicated follower of fashion that you used to be.  You are ageing but the brands you used to wear aren’t ageing with you, they are still pitching at the people in their twenties.  Now that’s not to say that you can’t pull off being fashionable, you may well be one of those blokes that looks good in anything and if you are I salute you……and hate you in equal measure.

The end.




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