Being A Gobshite

Some people will tell you that they call a spade a spade but actually they don’t and instead like to think they do, in fact when it comes to confronting a problem they are normally found stood behind someone else being meek and mild.  I however do call a spade a spade, in fact I go further than that and tell you the make, dimensions and thickness of the metal used, you want forthright then you’ve found it.

If you are being or have been a twat then I will not only tell you that you have been, I’ll probably draw you a picture of the exact moment in time you committed the twat act.  Crucially though I am only opinionated on subjects I know about and I always steer clear of religion & politics as both of these are emotive subjects that are personal and just because I believe something, doesn’t mean that others have to believe the same.

However, I have a problem and that problem takes the form of my 6 year old son.  I am always careful what I say in front of my kids however inevitably as they get older they start to pick up on what I am like and in the case of my 6 year old, copy my bluntness. I have covered off previously how confident my eldest boy is but just recently both my wife and I have noticed that he has teamed this confidence with bluntness.

It started off with warning my sister in law and her kid to go careful on our sofa otherwise “my dad won’t be happy with you” and whilst I like the fact he is enforcing the house rules on my behalf when I am not there, the fact remains he isn’t me.  He has also started correcting peoples grammar and questioning their actions, even with his grandparents and again whilst he is correct with some of the things he says, it’s still not right.

So I have a dilemma now which could fundamentally change me as a person and the dilemma is:

a. Teach him the error of his ways and explain that timing is everything when calling someone out for being a bellend?

b. The truth is important until it upsets someone so best just keep quiet and let the person make their mistakes?


c. Change how blunt I am?

And there you have it, another dilemma in the world of parenting.  Not only does being a parent have an effect on your bank balance, it has an affect on your personality as well!  So which option would you take?

I reckon A is a winner.

The end.

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