About Bald Daddy Blog

Where do we start then?  First of all my name is Dave, I am male obviously and bald, oh and also a dad/daddy/referee/peacekeeper/chef and an expert on all the possible questions you can be asked at 0650am when my slightly over enthusiastic children bound joyfully into the bedroom each day.

For years I have been contemplating sharing my stories and views to the greater world but wasn’t really sure how.  I love tech but the whole blog/website creation thing have been a bit of a mystery to me until I come across a blog by a middle american mum of three who had 20,000 subscribers to her “make food in advance and freeze it” blog, so I thought if she can do it, so can I!  My blog may turn out to be a pile of bull poo (a popular phrase in my house!) but at least its made with a bit of enthusiasm and love.

All comments are welcome, all feedback is encouraged!